How To Add Custom Tracking Domain Instantly

Using a custom tracking domain is essential for maintaining a strong email marketing strategy. By utilizing a domain specific to your brand, you can improve deliverability, enhance trust, and gain better control over your email campaigns. Here’s a comprehensive guide on why a custom tracking domain is important and how to set it up in

Importance of a Custom Tracking Domain

  1. Improved Deliverability
    • Reputation Isolation: Ensures your sending reputation is not affected by other users, protecting your email deliverability.
    • Avoiding Blacklists: Reduces the risk of being impacted by blacklists that target shared tracking domains.
  2. Branding and Trust
    • Brand Consistency: Maintains consistency with your brand, making your emails look professional and trustworthy.
    • Increased Trust: Recipients are more likely to click on links that reflect your own domain, reducing spam or phishing concerns.
  3. Enhanced Tracking and Reporting
    • Unique Data: Provides accurate and relevant analytics specific to your email campaigns.
    • Detailed Insights: Offers more detailed recipient behavior insights, allowing for effective optimization.
  4. Better Control and Management
    • Custom Configuration: Allows you to manage and configure tracking settings according to your needs.
    • Security: Gives better control over your domain’s security settings, preventing unauthorized access.
  5. Avoiding Shared IP Issues
    • Dedicated Environment: Ensures that issues from shared IPs do not affect your email deliverability.

How to Set Up a Custom Tracking Domain in Instantly

Step 1: Log in to Your Domain Provider Account & Select Your Domain

Step 2: Manage DNS Records

Step 3: Create a New CNAME Record

Step 4: Go to Your Instantly Account and Add CNAME Record in Account Settings

Step 4: Go to Your Instantly Account and Add CNAME Record in Account Settings

Step 5: Add the CNAME Record in Instantly

Step 6: Verify the Setup


Setting up a custom tracking domain is a crucial step in optimizing your email marketing efforts. It enhances deliverability, builds trust with your recipients, and provides accurate tracking and reporting. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure your email campaigns are more effective and secure.

If you need help setting up a custom tracking domain or managing your Instantly account for cold email campaigns, you can hire an Instantly AI expert to assist you. This ensures that your email marketing strategy is professionally managed and optimized for the best results.

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