Email Marketing For Consultants

I Do Email Marketing For Consultants To Find Or Attract Potential Clients. I propose a commission-based arrangement, where you only pay when you see results. All I need is for you to provide the necessary tools and leads, and I'll take care of the rest. Interested?

About Me
Mehedi is Email Marketing Specialist

Expert Cold Email Outreach for Your Consulting Business 🚀🎯

My name is Md Tangeer Mehedi, and I specialize in driving business growth through highly effective cold email marketing strategies. As an experienced Cold Email Outreach Specialist with a proven track record in B2B lead generation and appointment setting, I am reaching out to offer my services to elevate your consultancy business.

✅Why Cold Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to connect directly with potential clients who are actively seeking your services. It provides a targeted approach to engage decision-makers and maximize your deal acquisition efforts.

By consistently reaching your audience where they are— in their email inboxes— you can establish a direct line of communication and significantly increase your chances of converting leads into clients.

✅My Approach: Research, Plan, Collaborate

Here is a snapshot of how I work:

  1. Research Your Business: I will thoroughly research your business to understand your unique value proposition and target audience.

  2. Provide a Plan: Based on the research, I will develop a customized cold email marketing plan tailored to your business goals.

  3. Work Together: Throughout the process, we will collaborate closely to ensure the strategy aligns with your vision and objectives.

✅What I Offer:

I specialize in providing comprehensive cold email marketing services specifically designed for Business Coaches and Franchise Consultants like yourself. My services include:

  • Lead Identification: Targeting decision-makers who are the best fit for your offerings.

  • Professional Service Offering: Crafting compelling emails to present your services in the most effective manner.

  • Reply Management: Handling responses, answering queries, and scheduling meetings to move prospects through the sales funnel.

✅My Expertise:

With three years of proven experience in the industry, I have successfully empowered businesses through:

  • Cold Email Services

  • Email Account Setup

  • Lead Generation from LinkedIn

  • Campaign Setup and Optimizations

  • DNS Configuration with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Records

  • Inbox Setup and Warmup

  • Email Verifications

✅Tools I Utilize:

I am proficient in using industry-leading tools such as instantly, SalesHandy, Lemlist, Zoho, Apollo, and more to streamline the cold email marketing process.

✅The Process Simplified:

  1. Finding Prospect Leads: Identifying the best-fit clients for your offerings.

  2. Offering Your Services: Professionally presenting your services to qualified prospects.

  3. Getting Clients: Converting responses into clients, with me managing the process seamlessly on your behalf.

✅Why Choose Me?

  • Proven Track Record: Three years of successful B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

  • Specialization in Your Industry: Expertise in working with Business Coaches, Franchise Consultants, and B2B Marketing Agencies.

  • Comprehensive Services: From lead identification to email verifications, I cover every aspect of cold email marketing.

  • Adaptability: Continuously learning and staying ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions.

If you are seeking a dedicated professional who can deliver high-quality leads, close sales, and set appointments that convert, I am confident in my ability to meet and exceed your expectations. Let’s connect to discuss how my cold email marketing strategy can elevate your consultancy business.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together.

Best Regards,
Md Tangeer Mehedi