Maximize Deal Acquisition Through Effective Cold Email Outreach

Email marketing is a highly accessible way to connect with people as they consistently check their emails. It allows you to target your marketing directly to customers who are already interested in and actively seeking your products or services.

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What Is My Approach?

I Will Research Your Business ➡️ Provide You A Plan ➡️ Work Together

Find Leads

Identify Potential Clients, Focus On Decision-Makers.

Offer Services

Offer Your Services Professionally To Your Interested Prospects.

Getting Replies

You Will Get Replies, Answer Their Questions & schedule Meetings Upon Replies

About Me:

Md Tangeer Mehedi

Cold Email Outreach Specialist 🚀🎯

Md Tangeer Mehedi is Cold Email Outreach Specialist

Hi there! I’m Md Tangeer Mehedi, an Experienced Cold Email Outreach Specialist with a proven track record in B2B lead generation, and appointment setting. I drive business growth through targeted cold email marketing strategies.

I am here to help businesses achieve their revenue providing high-quality leads through my proven cold email marketing strategy.

With a proven track record of 3 years in the industry, I specialize in empowering Business Coaches, Franchise Consultants, B2B Saas and B2B Marketing Agencies.

Email marketing is the only way to send your offer directly to the client’s hand & I will do that for you.🎯

Services I specialize in:
✅ Cold email services
✅ Email Account setup
✅ Find targeted leads from LinkedIn
✅ Campaign setup and optimizations
✅ Configure DNS with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records
✅ Setup inbox
✅ Warmup Setup
✅ Email Verifications

Tools I Expert in:
✅ SalesHandy/ Instantly/ Lemlist/ Omni
✅ Zoho/ G-suite
✅ Apollo/ D7/ LinkedIn Scraper

✅ Finding Prospect Lead: Identifying the Best Fit Clients for Your Offerings
✅ Offer Your Services: Offering Your Services to Qualified Prospects
✅ Gets Clients: If you got Reply, just need to convert. Or, I’ll manage everything for you.

I will deliver effective leads that have a genuine interest in your service, ensuring a higher conversion rate and increased sales.

I am highly adaptable, continuously learning about new industry trends and sales techniques to stay ahead of the curve. I can smoothly integrate with your current systems.

If you’re looking for a dedicated professional who can ensure high-quality leads, close sales, and set appointments that convert, look no further!

For Each And Every Package, You Will Get Clients & Response


I need Cold Email Outreach Setup

How Many Emails You Need To Setup?
  • Domain & Email Setup
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC, & DNS setup
  • Email Sending Tools Setup
  • Master Inbox Setup
  • Prospects Verifications
  • Email Template & Follow-Ups Sequence Creation

I Need You To Manage My Cold Email Campaign

How Many Emails You Need To Send Per Month?
  • Cold Email System Setup
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Inbox Management
  • Daily Checkup, Daily Report, Daily Work For You
  • Will Find Leads With A Additional Cost
  • Commissions Per Successful Deal
  • I Will Work As Per Your Instructions

I Need You To Work With Me And I Will Pay Pay Per Appointment Or Commissions

How Many New Appt You Need Per Year?
  • Find Hand-Curated Leads
  • New Appointments Booked
  • Domain & Business Emails Required
  • Pay Per Call/ Appointment Or Commissions
  • You Will Earn ~3500% On Your Investment
  • Plan For 12 Month


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Once we’re ready to begin, here’s what will happen:

Days 1 to 3:

  • Set Up Domains
  • Google Workspace Emails
  • Setup DNS Records Dmarc, SPF, DKIM
  • Forward All The Domains
  • Configure The Domains And Emails
  • Create a master inbox.

Days 4 to 5:

  • Connect The Domains & Emails
  • Connect To The Email Sending Tools
  • Add A Custom Tracking Domain
  • Setup Email Accounts And Add Profile Pictures

Days 5 to 20:

Start Warming Up The Domains & Emails

[Email warm-up refers to the practice of sending a gradually increasing number of emails from a new email account with the aim of building a positive reputation with email providers and avoiding spam filters.]

During this period, I’ll do:

  • Collect Bulk Email Lists
  • Verify Email Addresses
  • Write Email Script & 4-5 Follow-Ups

After day 21, we’ll start a successful email campaign and closely monitor its progress.

You’ll receive positive messages from people interested in your services.

Using my help, you can get new clients, respond to messages, schedule calls, and take advantage of business opportunities to increase your earnings and revenue.

Yes. I only work with a handle of clients at one time ensuring my focus is entirely on your success. I also only work with businesses that I know are capable of producing results.

Cold email outreach is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to promote a service or product.

99% of the businesses I’ve worked with and spoken to have tried cold email.

The problem is that 99% are doing it completely wrong.

When done correctly cold email is the no.1 way to produce consistent, high-quality deal flow in an extremely cost-effective way.

The likelihood is, you are reading this after receiving one of our cold emails!

Also, Those are the reason your cold email never works:


You’ll be glad to know that your time investment in this role is primarily focused on being responsive and engaging with potential clients.

When you receive email responses from the leads I provide, your main responsibility is to promptly and effectively communicate with them in a way that suits your style.

In simple terms, all you need to do is keep an eye on your emails and turn those messages into interesting conversations with potential clients.

During the initial 3 weeks of email warm-up, expect some responses.

However, we’ll be experimenting with templates and audiences. If we secure just one client, your investment pays off.

Please avoid refund requests in the first month as we optimize our approach for better results. Your patience is key to our success.

I will purchase an email list, and there are verification costs, as well as expenses for email-sending tools. Additionally, there will be setup and support costs associated with your campaign.

You’ll need to arrange both one-time and ongoing monthly investments for these expenses, and it will be your responsibility to cover these costs.

I Guarantee That You’ll Get A 3X Return On Your Investment In The First 90 Days Or I’ll Work For Free Until It Does.

I will everything explain during the meeting. [Details]
ROI Calculator

x 12 Months $=

Just purchase the domains, add payment to Google Workspace, and grant me access.

I’ll take care of emails, verifications, sending tools, setups, running sequences, and getting responses from potential prospects.

Actual Leads Generated For Our Clients

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