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About Me
Md Tangeer Mehedi is Franchise Consultant Marketing Expert

Email Marketing & Lead Gen Expert πŸš€πŸŽ―

Hi there! I’m Mehedi, an experienced Cold Email Marketing Specialist with a proven track record in lead generation, sales closing, and appointment setting. I drive business growth through cold email outreach.Β 

Having worked extensively in the marketing industry, I transitioned from being a marketer to focusing solely on client acquisition. I possess a deep understanding of how the PPC, SEO, and website design industries operate, enabling me to effectively attract clients. That’s why I transitioned from my marketing agency to concentrate on client acquisition. Based on my experience, email marketing is the easiest way to connect with any B2B clients for marketing services.

So, if you choose to work with me, I can guarantee you’ll receive monthly recurring clients from my efforts. You can also leverage these clients to introduce them to your other services such as SEO, website design, or graphic design.

Words From Our Clients

Mehedi’s guidance led our company to secure 30 prestigious marketing clients within just half a year, resulting in an additional recurring revenue stream of $50k per month.


Rubel SBS

CEO at Rank Icon LLC

HTCA’s expertise facilitated us in acquiring more than 90 clients for book illustrations within the past year, translating to over $100k in additional revenue.


Mansurul Haque

CEO at Kidsbook Art LLC

Mehedi’s team played a pivotal role in consistently securing an average of 15 YouTube SEO clients each month, generating an impressive $1k per client.


Miftahul Islam

Co-Founder of VidQ YouTube SEO

Collaborating with Mehedi and his adept team enabled us to onboard over 20 PPC clients over a span of six months, boosting our monthly recurring revenue by an impressive $30k.


Md Shihab Uddin

CEO at WebCope


Here is our fully transparent pricing plan. Let's make some money together to feed our family.

Plan-1: Profit Share
  • Monthly 350$/m

    This is a $350 monthly investment to acquire high-ticket clients.

    With this amount, we will purchase 3 domains, 9 Google Workspace email accounts costing us $54 per month, subscribe to an Instant AI service costing $97 per month, script copy writing and allocate one person to manage campaigns, with the remainder of the funds allocated towards generating leads.

  • Profit Share 30%

    We actually earn from here. You have to provide a 30% profit share commission from the clients we send, regardless of whether the client pays you a one-time fee or a monthly recurring fee.

    If the clients opt for any add-on services, you also have to provide commissions from those. We don't know how much clients pay you or if they take any add-on services, so you have to be transparent about it.

Plan-2: Monthly Management
  • Monthly 1450$/m

    You only pay us monthly; we don't charge commissions for clients.

    I will ensure you get 5-10 appointments per month.

    I am well-versed in marketing and know that many clients who initially pay for PPC management eventually become SEO and SMM clients as well.

    Thus, all profiles belong to you.

  • Tools & Leads Free

    Including this plan, we will send 5 to 10k emails per month.

    With the plan, you will receive 3 domains, 9 emails for $54/month, and for $97/month.

    And, Our team will work to book meetings with interested leads.

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