How To Send 10,000 Emails At Once?

To send lots of cold emails without them going to spam (and also make money with it), you need a good cold email tool.

Cold Email Steps:

When we’re ready to start, here’s what we’ll do: Days 1 to 3:

  1. Set Up Website Names
  2. Create Google Work Email Accounts
  3. Arrange Technical Settings (Email Security)
  4. Link All the Website Names

Set Up Email Inboxes Days 4 to 5:

  1. Connect Website Names & Emails
  2. Connect to Email Sending Tools
  3. Add a Custom Tracking Website Name

Set Up Email Accounts and Add Pictures Days 5 to 14:

Begin Gradually Sending Emails During this time:

  • Gather Large Lists of Email Addresses
  • Check Email Addresses

Write Email Message & Follow-Ups After day 14, we’ll start a successful email plan and keep a close eye on its progress.

Result If You Send 10k Emails A Month

If you send lots of emails each month, you’ll need 15 Google Workspace or Microsoft email accounts. Here’s what you might expect in response:

  • Total Emails Send: 10,000
  • 10-15% Replies: 1500
  • 20% Positive Replies: 300
  • 50% Meeting Bookings: 150
  • 70-80% Meeting Attendance: 100-120 That’s how you can get over 120 meetings per month from 10,000 cold emails.

But, results may vary based on your area and offer. If you have a great product/service, you might get even more responses.