How to Secure Clients for Your Staffing Agency: Two Proven Methods

I hope you’re well. Welcome to this guide where I’ll show you two effective methods to acquire clients for your staffing agency using LinkedIn and email.

Method 1: LinkedIn

  1. Lead Sourcing: Use LinkedIn to find the right person within a company, such as the head of recruitment.
  2. Voice Notes: Send a personalized voice note to initiate contact. Example: “Hi [Name], I saw your job posting on Indeed and wondered if we could assist in filling this role.”


  • Use job boards like Indeed to find companies actively hiring.
  • Avoid contacting public sector organizations.
  • Search for the company on Google and the relevant contact on LinkedIn.
  • Use tools like to find and verify email addresses.
  • Craft and send a tailored DM using a pre-written template from your LinkedIn profile.

Method 2: Email Outreach

  1. Identify Targets: Focus on private companies with 50-200 employees.
  2. Email Templates: Use professional templates to introduce your services and suggest a follow-up.


  • Draft an email using templates from your website.
  • Personalize the email with the recipient’s details.
  • Send the email and track responses.

Additional Tips:

  • Combine both methods for maximum impact.
  • Use software to automate and manage connections.
  • Follow up with voice notes to maintain a personal touch.

In Summary:

Using LinkedIn and email effectively can help you secure clients for your staffing agency. Focus on personalized outreach, leveraging professional tools, and maintaining consistent follow-ups. These methods have proven successful, so implement them to see results.