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Want to make more money from your store? Use our ready-to-go emails and watch your revenue go up by 30-50%! You're in the right spot to see big results.

Precision email marketing at scale

Precision email marketing at scale

Reach customers directly on their lock screen with mobile push notifications

Reach customers directly on their lock screen with mobile push notifications

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5 Flows With 11 Emails: $350

9 Flows With 25 Emails: $500

About Me
Mehedi is Email Marketing Specialist

Klaviyo Email Marketing Expert 🚀🎯

Hi, I’m Tangeer Mehedi, your dedicated expert in leveraging the power of Klaviyo to supercharge your business revenue. With a passion for driving results, I specialize in crafting tailored email marketing campaigns for Shopify, WordPress, and more.

Here’s a snapshot of my process:

  1. Connect: I collaborate directly with your brand to develop a strategic Email Campaign Calendar.

  2. Segment: Using your past data, I create targeted audience segments for maximum impact.

  3. Craft: I meticulously design and write compelling campaigns, ensuring alignment with your vision.

  4. Run and Monitor: Once approved, I execute the campaigns, closely monitoring their performance.

  5. Feedback Loop: I provide insightful feedback on campaign reactions and suggest new directions for optimization.

  6. Flow Creation: Recognizing flow opportunities, I discuss and implement short flows (up to 3 emails) for enhanced engagement.

  7. Test and Adapt: Rigorous testing and adaptation ensure continuous improvement.

Elevate your business with the perfect blend of Klaviyo expertise and personalized email strategies. Let’s boost your revenue together!

Supercharge Your Business with Our Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency: Unlock Growth, Boost Revenue!

Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

Get your eCommerce store fully set up with essential email flows for every stage:

Before Purchase:

  • Welcome Series
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Bring Back Browsers
  • Site Visitors Reminder
  • Notify When Back in Stock

After Purchase:

  • First Thank You
  • Second Thank You
  • Win-Back (for inactive customers)
  • Ask for Product Reviews
  • Follow-Up Post-Purchase
  • Celebrate First Anniversary

Transactional Emails:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipping Confirmation

Planning special holiday campaigns or promotions?

I’ve got you covered for events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and more. Reach out to me first, and let’s make it happen!