10 Best Email Marketing Forums, Discussions, and Message Boards

There were several online forums, discussions, and message boards related to email marketing where professionals and enthusiasts could exchange ideas, seek advice, and share experiences.

However, please note that the availability and popularity of these platforms might have changed over time. Here are a few that were active at the time:

  1. Warrior Forum: While primarily focused on internet marketing, Warrior Forum had sections dedicated to email marketing discussions where users could share strategies, tools, and tips.
  2. Digital Point Forums: Similar to Warrior Forum, Digital Point also had a section for email marketing discussions, allowing users to ask questions and share insights.
  3. Email Experience Council (EEC) Community: EEC is a professional organization focused on email marketing. They had an online community where members could engage in discussions about best practices, trends, and challenges in email marketing.
  4. BlackHatWorld: This forum had sections dedicated to various online marketing topics, including email marketing. Keep in mind that while you might find useful information here, some discussions on this forum could involve less ethical tactics.
  5. Reddit – /r/Emailmarketing: Reddit has a dedicated subreddit for email marketing where professionals discuss strategies, and tools, and share insights related to email campaigns.
  6. Quora: Quora often hosts discussions about various topics, including email marketing. You can find questions related to email marketing strategies, list building, and more.
  7. Email Vendor Selection Group on LinkedIn: This LinkedIn group was focused on discussions related to selecting email marketing vendors, tools, and platforms.
  8. Stack Exchange – Webmasters: While not exclusively for email marketing, the Webmasters Stack Exchange had discussions on email marketing topics, particularly related to technical aspects and best practices.
  9. HubSpot Community: HubSpot’s community includes a marketing section where you can find discussions on various marketing topics, including email marketing.
  10. Email Marketing Discussion on MOZ: The Moz community had discussions about email marketing strategies, deliverability, and related topics.

When using online forums and message boards, remember to participate in a respectful and meaningful way. Always verify the information you receive and consider checking more recent sources to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the advice or insights you come across.

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