How to Fix Microsoft/Office 365 Account Disconnections Instantly

Microsoft/Office 365 accounts occasionally face disconnection issues in Instantly, which can be frustrating.

However, in this guide, I’ll explore two solutions to resolve these disconnection problems efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with a “Disconnected” error or simply want to ensure a stable connection, Solutions 1 and 2 will help you get your accounts back on track.

Solution 1: Authenticated SMTP

Step 1: Access the Admin Console

Access the Admin Console

Step 2: Manage Email Apps

  • Click on “Mail” in the flyout menu that appears.
  • Then, click on “Manage email apps.”
Manage Email Apps

Step 3: Verify Authenticated SMTP Settings

  • Confirm that the Authenticated SMTP setting is enabled.
  • Make sure to save any changes made.
Verify Authenticated SMTP Settings

Step 4: Account Reconnection

  • After passing an hour, proceed to remove the accounts from Instantly.
  • Then, reconnect these accounts.
How to Fix Microsoft/Office 365 Account Disconnections Instantly

Note: This process will ensure that your authenticated SMTP settings are correctly configured and may resolve any disconnection issues.

Solution 2: SMTP Authentication

Step 1: Access GoDaddy Email & Office Dashboard

Step 2: Manage User Settings

  • Select Manage next to the user account that is encountering disconnection issues.
  • Scroll down to “Account Information” and choose Advanced Settings.”
Manage User Settings
Fix Microsoft/Office 365 Account Disconnections Instantly

Step 3: Configure SMTP Authentication

  • Follow the instructions provided in your GoDaddy account for SMTP settings to ensure proper configuration.
Configure SMTP Authentication Off
Configure SMTP Authentication On

Note: If you have your Outlook account through GoDaddy, refer to the specific guide available for GoDaddy Outlook accounts for additional assistance.


Disconnections in Microsoft/Office 365 accounts can be troublesome, but with these two solutions, you can resolve the issues and enjoy a stable and uninterrupted connection in Instantly.

Choose the solution that fits your situation best, and follow the steps outlined to get your accounts back on track. Whether it’s authenticated SMTP or SMTP authentication, these fixes will help you regain control of your email services.